What is Norwex

  What Is Norwex: Norwex is a line of cleaning and personal care products that improve your quality of life by helping radically reduce chemicals in your home. The Norwex “clean without chemicals” was birthed in Norway in 1994 and was introduced to the home party market in Norway in 1995. By spring of 1999 Norwex expanded to Canada and the United states. Now Norwex has achieved a milestone of exceeding 60,000 consultant worldwide. They [...]

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Are You Causing Cancer In Your Home By Cleaning?

Did you know there have been 80,000 new chemicals introduced in the last 50 years. Of all of those, only about 200 have ever been assessed for their impact on human health. So as you "clean" you may be subjecting your family to chemicals that cause cancer. Did you know 24% of human disease has been linked in part to environmental factors? We need to start making a change, not only for our children, but also [...]

The Chicken Demo

The chicken demo has become famous in the Norwex world. Everyone want's to know if these cloths do what they say they do. https://youtu.be/XMvZMO4Hwmk The reason this demo is so popular is because it effectively shows just how clean your Norwex cloths are actually getting your home when you use them. With a wet EnviroCloth, Kris was able to rid the tile completely of chicken protein. What are you using to clean your house? [...]

3 Things Learned from Traveling with my wife

By: Brad Carlson This past weekend, my wife Kris had a couple of Norwex party’s in Charlotte and we decided to travel together, without our teenage kids!! We had a blast being away and working together and as I was driving home from our weekend getaway, it hit me. What is it that makes spending time away with my wife so crazy fun?? My first thought was we were there spreading the Norwex mission for [...]

Product Spotlight: EnviroWand

Cleaning ceiling fans and baseboards can be a real pain! But the Norwex EnvrioWand makes it so simple. The EnviroWand is flexible and bendable, making it adaptable to whatever surface you're tackling. If you have our mop, the EnviroWand easily attaches to the telescopic mop handle—making hard to reach areas reachable (think cobwebs, light fixtures, etc.). Did you know lent from your dryer can slip down past the lent trap? The EnviroWand is a perfect [...]

Green Living: Pitch the Plastic

Seems like every day more and more evidence is being mounted against plastics. This DailyMail.com article is another recent example. According to this article, “New evidence suggests that heat makes chemicals in plastic storage boxes and bottles leach into food and drink: two major reports last year linked 175 compounds to health problems connected to cancers, fertility and foetal development.” Many of the chemicals mentioned in this article are part of the “Dirty Dozen” list [...]

Disinfectant Chemicals Trigger Asthma, Allergies, and Other Health Concerns

I can’t stress enough how important it is to rid your home of the dangerous chemicals in common household cleaners. All over the news, you can find stories detailing the alarming rate at which asthma, allergies, and other health concerns is growing. There are proven links to the ingredients (harmful chemicals) in cleaners, laundry detergents, soaps, etc. and these growing diseases. This article recently published by Huffington Post entitled, The Trouble with Disinfecting Wipes is [...]

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