Travel Photo1

By: Brad Carlson

This past weekend, my wife Kris had a couple of Norwex party’s in Charlotte and we decided to travel together, without our teenage kids!! We had a blast being away and working together and as I was driving home from our weekend getaway, it hit me. What is it that makes spending time away with my wife so crazy fun?? My first thought was we were there spreading the Norwex mission for reducing chemicals in the home and a greener life style which always gets me going and in a good mood. Well after more thought, I came up with 3 reasons why traveling alone with my wife is so amazing:

  1. You get out of your normal routine: We all have a way of sometimes just settling into our normal routines and travel gets us out of this. Even though our recent trip to Charlotte was just a few hours away, it was so refreshing and exciting to be in another town and exploring around together. Everything there was new and different!
  1. You develop a shared purpose: I’m sure that I’m not the only one out there that finds myself at times living a separate life from my wife during the workweek. She goes her way and I go mine. In our world right now we work Norwex together from home, but even so, during the workday it’s about business and there isn’t any time to really connect as a couple. Going away together gives us something to look forward to; a commonality in life that sometimes is not there.
  1. You let your guard down: I’m not sure why we can’t do this at home, but every time I travel with Kris, we both seem to relax a lot more and become more engaged with each other. The conversations we have on our trips have more meaning and help to drive a deeper connection and bond between us. It’s a pretty cool feeling to be sitting at dinner, listening to you wife talk, and be thinking, “My wife is the most amazing person I know!” Why does it take a trip for me to think this?

As the kids have grown up, our trips alone have become less frequent. I think this is because we just assumed that since our kids are more independent and not around us as often, we get enough “us” time here in town. My trip to Charlotte with Kris was a good reminder that we always need to work time in our busy lives to get away together, even if it’s just a few hours away.