EnviroWand Cleaning ceiling fans and baseboards can be a real pain! But the Norwex EnvrioWand makes it so simple. The EnviroWand is flexible and bendable, making it adaptable to whatever surface you’re tackling. If you have our mop, the EnviroWand easily attaches to the telescopic mop handle—making hard to reach areas reachable (think cobwebs, light fixtures, etc.). Did you know lent from your dryer can slip down past the lent trap? The EnviroWand is a perfect fit for dryer vents too. Try it and see how much lent is stuck down there.

EnviroWandSleeveThis product can also be used wet. First remove the sleeve to wet then reattach to the EnviroWand to get hard to remove dust. The sleeve is made of 80/20 polyester/polyamide Norwex Microfiber, offering the same cleaning benefits, cost benefits and environmental benefits as other Norwex Microfiber products. It’s also machine washable; tumble dry with medium heat. Remember, no softener or bleach.

Have you tried the EnviroWand? Whats your favorite way to use it? I love hearing tips from users.