Norwex August 2022 Host & Referral Rewards

Welcome to August! This August 2022 we are focusing on radically reducing the chemicals all around the house. My hosts have been loving getting their friends together! At Norwex, hosts are always given the opportunity to earn Host Credit and Norwex Product at different levels of sales. If you would like to host a party or are interested in earning free Norwex products, reach out to me and we will get your party on my books! STAR [...]

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Spring into Spring Cleaning with Norwex

Welcome to Spring Hello friends! Are you guys as excited about springtime as I am? I love everything about this season- the new plants, baby animals, and the beautiful weather! The beginning of spring also means the beginning of spring cleaning. If you are a Norwex lover like me, you get to spend more time outside enjoying the weather rather than inside cleaning. Check out some of my must-have spring cleaning items below! You can [...]

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Fall In Love With Cleaning

Fall Back In Love With Cleaning Hello friends! While it's still winter, every day we get closer to the warm months of spring. Spring is associated with cleaning and refreshing, but why wait until a certain time to clean? Norwex makes it so easy to tidy up your home and fall back in love with cleaning. Check out my MUST have items to make cleaning your home fun and easy! Mop & Spray Mop Attachment  [...]

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3 ways you can help the environment in April

Here we are in April! Like I said in my last blog, 2021 has been passing by in a blur. With the way last year played out, a lot of people have been trying to better themselves and the world around us. One way you can help our planet is by using Norwex! LE Silicone Straw Set Every day five hundred million straws are used. Many of these straws have harmful chemicals and are not [...]

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Why I use Norwex and why you should too

Hi friends! As many of you know, I have been on the Norwex journey for a long time. I love this company and its products for so many reasons, but at the beginning I was skeptical. I just could not believe how well everything worked. What really helped convince me to take the leap into the world of Norwex was the Butter Demo. This video shows that chemical cleaner leaves behind dirt and grime while [...]

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2020 Year End Review

Hi friends! I can't believe 2020 is almost over. Does anyone else feel like this has been the longest, but shortest year ever? If you asked me at this time last year what I thought this year would look like I would have been completely wrong. While this year did not go as we all expected it to, I think it was a year of growth for many people. One of my favorite sayings is [...]

Norwex Kitchen Products

Cleaning the kitchen when I didn’t have Norwex used to be a tough process.  I want to have a clean kitchen but for many years realized that most of the cleaning products out there are not safe or eco friendly products.  I sure you would agree that the number one thing we all want for our family is safety and health! About 15 years ago I began purchasing natural eco friendly cleaning products to try [...]

Traveling With Norwex Products

I am writing this blog post as I'm traveling to New York! As I was packing and preparing for my trip, it dawned on me that I could not live without Norwex coming with me! How would you like to know what I take with me? Top 10 Must Haves When Traveling, Norwex Style! #1. Travel Cloth-When I get on the plane the first thing I do it wipe down the tray and everything around [...]

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