Norwex Consultant FAQ’s 2019

What does it cost to sign up for Norwex?

The best part of Norwex is signing up is FREE!  Norwex believes in you and wants to invest in your success!  When you Join Norwex you will be sent a starter kit with everything you need to become a Norwex Consultant.  The kit even includes the amazing Norwex mop!  You will only be charged $9.99 shipping and handling for the kit.  You will have 90 days to sell $2,000 in Norwex Products and the kit is yours for free. Normally, $2,000 in sales is about 4 parties – Easy right!

Are there any hidden fees when I Join Norwex?

No!  The only added expenses are for business supplies, and they are very reasonable!  The website will be free for 2 months and then $9.99 a month.  Your website is your online store where you customers can order 24 hours a day!  This is my Norwex Website.

How much do business supplies cost for a new Norwex Consultant?

Very little!  Catalogs are less than $1 each and order forms are $9.99 per 100.

If I join Norwex, do I get a discount on the cleaning products?

Yes!  Norwex consultants get 35% off anything you order!  I use so many of the hundreds of Norwex products in my home.  They are all amazing products.

What is the best part of being a Norwex Consultant?

I love the flexibity of the job!  I truly did find my dream job with so many perks, but the fact that I can truly work when I want is a dream come true!

What comes in the Norwex starter kit?

Everything you need to get started!

Are there any specials on other products at the time of signing up with Norwex?

Yes!  Most of the people that join my team purchase a kit builder package at sign up.  It is a great opportunity to get an ever bigger discount on Norwex products!  The gold kit is by far the most popular kit.   After your discount, the Gold Kit Builder will end up costing you about $270, and you will be $400 toward your $2000 minimum sales to keep your kit for free, plus you get an extra 10% discount and free catalogs!  It is the BEST way to start your new career with Norwex.

How Much Does Norwex Pay?

Because Norwex only takes 65% of the sales, you will typically get paid right away if your customer pays with cash or check.   If your customer places an order on your website, or pays with a credit card, Norwex deposits your commission 2 times a month.  I most often get paid most of my 35% commission at the time of the party and I love it!

What is the training/support like when I sign up?

We have the #1 team within Norwex.  When you join Team Aqua you will be joining the top selling team within Norwex and we have limitless support for you!  My team training website contains videos, blog post and podcasts to teach you EVERYTHING you need to know! I will work with you one on one to make sure you get off to a dynamic start to your new career!  We have events all over North America, meetings, facebook pages and SO much more to help you ROCK your business!!  Once you sign up I will reach out to get you started!

What about the flexibility as a Norwex Consultant?  Can you really work only when you want to work?

This is the BEST part of joining Norwex!  You truly can create a custom schedule to work within your busy life. You can dabble with your business and sell to friends and family, work part time to make a little added income or go BIG TIME like I did with Norwex and make life changing money for your family!  How much you work is totally up to you!  I will be here to support you however I can.

Do I get a website when I join Norwex?

Yes!  You have your own store where people can order from you 27/7, which is great because we have so many consumable products your customers will need – Norwex laundry detergent, cleaning paste, personal care, etc.  The website is $9.99 a month and your get you first 2 months free.  You are not required to pay for the website but I would sure recommend it!

I am not good at sales.  Can I still sell Norwex?

I am not a sales person! If you love Norwex and want to share it with the people that you know, then you should get paid for it right? I have been with Norwex for 10 years and I still go into homes and share a product that I love and help families to have healthier, safer homes.  If you can do that, then you will be great and I would love to have you on Team Aqua!

How do I attend Norwex Conferences

Norwex conferences are a BLAST!  You will find that the culture of Norwex is very special.  Everyone is looking to help and support you and we are one big family!  We have two conferences a year.  One is the national conference for everyone and there is a Leadership conference.  Once you have 3 people signed up on your team, that sell $250 in one month, you are a leader and you can join us at the leadership conference!

Can I purchase Norwex for my personal use?

For sure!  You will have 35% off anything you purchase and really can keep that discount just ordering for your personal use!  To stay active you only need to order/sell $250 every 3 months.

Is having my own business as a Norwex Consultant a tax write off?

Owning your own business can have many tax advantages like writing off business supplies, mileage, etc.  I am not a tax pro so check with an accountant for more details on the advantages.

What are my favorite Norwex products?

Can I earn extra incentives/prizes with Norwex?

One of my favorite things about Norwex is how generous they are.  I am always having a box show up at my door with some Norwex goodies just for doing my job!

Can I earn free trips or vacations with Norwex?

Absolutely!  I remember my first trip I earned about 9 years ago.  I could not believe I was able to go with my husband on an all expense paid trip to Hawaii!!  What a dream right?! J   You may think it is really difficult to earn, but honestly by doing a couple of parties a week it is likely you will earn it!

What about a car?  Can I earn a free car working for Norwex?

Here is what I love!  When you reach Senior executive sales leader you begin earning a $250 car bonus. At VPSL you earn $500 car bonus. Honestly I am not a car girl so I choose to spend the money on doing fun things with my family and I love that I have the choice on how I want to spend the bonus.  The money just gets added to your leadership commissions monthly.

How many hours do I have to work with Norwex?

This is my favorite part of my job… I work when I want to work!  The more you work your business, the more earning potential there is!

How much money can I earn as a Norwex consultant?

There is no cap on the amount of money you can earn.  You start earning residual income on your team at the first level of leadership, which is Team coordinator. The levels go up from there and your income increases.  Sales Leader, Executive Sales Leader, Vice President sales leader, Executive vice president sales leader and the top is senior vice president sales leader which is what I am! The sky is the limit and the opportunity is HUGE!

Do I need to carry inventory?

No! This is huge perk!  Not only do you not have to carry inventory but Norwex sends you TONS of freebies just for doing your job.  I have earned thousands of dollars in free product that I share with friends, family and team member.

Can I do vendor events or trade shows?

Yes!  I love doing both and it is a great way to share Norwex products!

What are the minimums that I need to sell with Norwex?

$250 retail over a rolling 6 month period.  That’s it!

Do I need to pay an annual fee if I become a Norwex consultant?

Norwex has NO annual fee.  As long as you submit $250 every rolling 6 months, you will not have any fees.