What Is Norwex: Norwex is a line of cleaning and personal care products that improve your quality of life by helping radically reduce chemicals in your home. The Norwex “clean without chemicals” was birthed in Norway in 1994 and was introduced to the home party market in Norway in 1995. By spring of 1999 Norwex expanded to Canada and the United states. Now Norwex has achieved a milestone of exceeding 60,000 consultant worldwide. They have expanded all over the US. To think it all started with a little red cloth and a bug-covered windshield.  Sometimes the smallest things really do have the biggest impact!

Norwex As A Company: Norwex has very strong core values. Integrity, Trust and Respect are things that Norwex holds to the highest regard.

Our Core Values


What Makes Norwex Microfiber Different: Norwex Microfiber is 1/200th the size of a human hair and can hold up to seven times its weight in matter. As you wipe the surface, the microfibers attract and draw up even the smallest particles of dust, trapping them in the fibers. Norwex Microfibers lift and collect particles, versus the traditional cotton cloth that pushes particles around, thus spreading out dirt, grime and moisture into the crevices leaving them unclean. Norwex also has a unique feature of micro silver embedded in the cloth. When used wet, the micro silver in the cloth goes to work with self purification properties. Because of these amazing features, you can ditch your clorox wipes and remove 99% of bacteria from a surface when using the cloths properly.

Our Global Mission