Norwex November 2021 Host Rewards and Customer Specials

Welcome to November! I am so excited for it to finally be November. This month is one of my favorites because it means the start of the holiday season. I cannot wait to celebrate with my family and share what we are thankful for this year.  There are four ways to earn November Referral Rewards! Norwex has FOUR ways you can earn FREE rewards. Hosts will earn Host Credit or Norwex products based on the [...]

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Change Your Life With Norwex

Hello Friends! Since National Conference I have been thinking about my time with Norwex and how much this wonderful company has changed my life. I have been able to be my own boss and make my own hours! Norwex has allowed me to work when I want and spend lots of time with my family. My years in Norwex have also allowed me to make many valuable friendships and connections with people who push me [...]

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Norwex July 2021 Host Rewards and Customer Specials

Welcome to July You are not going to believe all Norwex has in store for us this month! I can already tell July is going to be the best month yet. One of the best things to do at the start of each month is to take a peak at all the amazing Host Rewards and Customer Specials. Want to know what Norwex has in store for July? Read below! There are four ways to [...]

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Virtual Kit FAQ

Hello friends! I hope the beginning of May has been filled with fun and amazing opportunities. At the start of this month, Norwex announced an exciting new way for you to get started with us. For this month only, when you join with the virtual kit there are no sales requirements. However, when you do meet any of the criteria($1,000 in 30 days or $2,000 in 90 days), Norwex will ship you the products in [...]

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3 ways you can help the environment in April

Here we are in April! Like I said in my last blog, 2021 has been passing by in a blur. With the way last year played out, a lot of people have been trying to better themselves and the world around us. One way you can help our planet is by using Norwex! LE Silicone Straw Set Every day five hundred million straws are used. Many of these straws have harmful chemicals and are not [...]

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2020 Year End Review

Hi friends! I can't believe 2020 is almost over. Does anyone else feel like this has been the longest, but shortest year ever? If you asked me at this time last year what I thought this year would look like I would have been completely wrong. While this year did not go as we all expected it to, I think it was a year of growth for many people. One of my favorite sayings is [...]

Norwex December 2020 Host Rewards and Customer Specials

Welcome to December! I can't believe we are so close to the holidays! I love this time of the year and all the joy it brings. It is a time that allows us to celebrate and reflect on the past year. I know that December will be a flurry of getting ready for all the events and company that this month has in store. The Host Rewards and Customer Specials are festive as the season [...]

What Is Norwex? A Beginners Guide:

Hi friends! Have you found yourself hoarding multiple cleaning supplies for multiple different rooms in your house? Has that space underneath your kitchen sink been taken over by toxic chemicals? What if there were a sustainable, more efficient, and healthier way to take care of yourself and your loved ones while turning your home into a safe haven? Norwex to the rescue! The Norwex global mission is to improve quality of life by radically reducing [...]

Join Norwex For Free With No Sales Requirement!

There's never a BAD time to join my Norwex team, but now through October 1, 2019 is an ESPECIALLY AMAZING time to join! Now, if you've ever heard me talk about the Norwex business opportunity, you know that it's always FREE to join! That's right, when you enroll as a Norwex consultant, you'll only responsible for paying a $9.99 shipping and handling charge. Norwex sends you everything you need in your starter kit— Norwex products [...]

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What Does It Mean To Be The #1 Leader?

I was just flying home from Dallas after my 9th Norwex National Conference.  There were a lot of great moments from this past weekend and I couldn't help but reflect on them when I was on the plane.  Many stories were told and we had the chance to learn new things. It's truly amazing! Awards are always presented on the last night of the conference. Two of the awards are for the top leaders within Norwex. And I was [...]

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