I was just flying home from Dallas after my 9th Norwex National Conference.  There were a lot of great moments from this past weekend and I couldn’t help but reflect on them when I was on the plane.  Many stories were told and we had the chance to learn new things. It’s truly amazing!

Awards are always presented on the last night of the conference. Two of the awards are for the top leaders within Norwex. And I was awarded as a top leader and also a top group volume leader again this year. I am still in shock of how I ended up in this place and what it all means. So I wanted to write a blog post to share my experience with you all.

Being the #1 leader has nothing to do with me. The #1 Leader Award is an interesting award because the only way to earn that award is making sure your team is succeeding. From the beginning of my journey, I realized that the biggest gift in my Norwex journey was to help my team succeed. I love helping people!

Being the #1 leader means that I have a very large team from all over the United States and beyond. It is such a gift to work with many AMAZING women and men on my team. Most of my days now involve talking/coaching consultants and leaders on my team who want to accomplish big things in their business. The thing is though, those calls are not all business. I have gained many dear friends in my life because of Norwex. We don’t just work together. We laugh, cry, pray, and have so much fun living life together. Being the #1 leader means I have met and am friends with some of the best people in the world!

Being the #1 leader means I have the privilege of watching team members set and crush goal. Seeing my team members and dear friends achieve amazing things is the best part of being a leader. One of my top leaders on my downline, Melanie Goggans was awarded the Spirit of Generosity Award this year, which is the best award Norwex gives out. Other consultants, not on our team nominated her for this award. To see her go from not wanting to have anything to do with direct sales to earning that award is something I will never forget.

Being the #1 leader means that I get to represent the most amazing people I have ever known. I am so thankful to share my life with my amazing team!!


Check out this video if you want to watch the award presentation. Again, it’s truly an honor!