Norwex July 2022 Host & Referral Rewards

Welcome to July! July 2022 Norwex Host Rewards are finally here, and it is time to spring into summer! Hosts are given the chance to earn Host Credit or Norwex products no matter what size party you have. This July we are bringing to you a 5-star hosting plan option which means you have FIVE opportunities to earn FREE rewards this month! STAR 1 - Get Rewards for the number of guests buying! You will [...]

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Norwex March 2021 Host Rewards and Customer Specials

Welcome to March! With February behind us, I am looking forward to warmer months and spring cleaning. This month we have some exciting Host Rewards and Customer Specials so continue reading to find out what they are. There are four ways to earn March Host Rewards! Norwex has FOUR ways you can earn FREE rewards. Hosts will earn Host Credit or Norwex products based on the number of guests that order, a percentage of the [...]

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New Years Resolutions

Hi friends! I hope your holiday season was full of joy and 2021 is finally here. After experiencing last year I can confidently say that I believe we can all get through whatever this year throws at us. I am excited to see what all 2021 has in store for us. Words to live by Each year I not only like to make resolutions to help push me to be my best, but I also [...]

2020 Year End Review

Hi friends! I can't believe 2020 is almost over. Does anyone else feel like this has been the longest, but shortest year ever? If you asked me at this time last year what I thought this year would look like I would have been completely wrong. While this year did not go as we all expected it to, I think it was a year of growth for many people. One of my favorite sayings is [...]

4 Things I’m Grateful For

Being thankful in the month of November Hi friends! Each year around this time I like to reflect on the year I have had and everything I have to be grateful for. Like many of you, my year has had a lot of ups and downs. Especially in times like these, it's important to focus on what you have in your life that makes it special. While I have lots of things I'm thankful for, [...]

4 Norwex Products to Help You Clean Up Your Fall

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. It is when the holiday season starts and when families come together. While decorating my house for visitors, I always like to do a little cleaning. This year will look different for a lot of us, but keeping a clean house is as important as ever. Luckily for us, Norwex has just the right products to make that happen! Textured Kitchen Towel & Cloth- sugar [...]

February 2018 Norwex Host Rewards and Customer Specials

February 2018 Host Rewards February 2018 Host Rewards are here! This is your first chance to earn some of the new 2018 Norwex products for free in the host reward package. If you would like to host a party or are interested in earning Norwex free, reach out to me  and we will get your party on my books!   February 2018 Norwex Customer Specials February 2018 Norwex Customer Special: Sip and Store - Includes 4 Silicone [...]

So Honored To Be The Norwex Number One Over All Leader!!

I just got home from my 7th Norwex National Conference.  Every year it get’s better and I am always so excited to see so many people that have truly become family for me.  This year during our awards ceremony I was given awards for top sales, #1 top group leader and #1 overall leader.  I have been reflecting on what this all means and a few thoughts stand out: The Awards: The awards that I [...]

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