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I am writing this blog post as I’m traveling to New York! As I was packing and preparing for my trip, it dawned on me that I could not live without Norwex coming with me! How would you like to know what I take with me?

Top 10 Must Haves When Traveling, Norwex Style!

#1. Travel Cloth-When I get on the plane the first thing I do it wipe down the tray and everything around me!

#2. Body Pack– This is amazing! I can take all of my makeup off with water and this cloth. I also use it in the shower.

#3. Hand Cleaner– Keeps my hands nice and clean without all of the nasty chemicals in most hand cleaners.

#4. Stainless Steel Straw– Plastic straws are horrible for our earth and marine life. Having one of these on hand is a quick, easy way to help our environment.

#5. Lip Balm– Do I even have to explain this one? Whether you call it a chapstick or lip balm— it is an absolute necessity! So having one (or a few) on hand is a no-brainer. Now that we have added the Natural Sunscreen Lip Balm to our line, you are ready for those beautiful days out in the sun or by the water.

#6. Sunscreen– Most sunscreens are chemically based with many harmful chemicals in them. Norwex sunscreen is mineral based and safe to use.

#7. Bath Towel or Sport Towel– These are wonderful at drying me off so quickly! The best part is they have the Baclock in them so they don’t get as stinky as regular towels often do.

#8. Mattress Cleaner– When I get to the place I am staying, I have a sample size bottle that I bring of the mattress cleaner to take care of the MANY dust mites in a bed….EWHHH!!

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#9. Optic Scarf– The best for cleaning my glasses and phone screen!

#10. Exfoliating Face Mitt– The best little pad to exfoliate my skin out there!

Now that you know my Top 10, tell me what Norwex products you never leave home without. Or if this blog has inspired you to travel with Norwex, let me know which items you’re grabbing first!

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