Welcome to August!

This August 2022 we are focusing on radically reducing the chemicals all around the house. My hosts have been loving getting their friends together!
At Norwex, hosts are always given the opportunity to earn Host Credit and Norwex Product at different levels of sales. If you would like to host a party or are interested in earning free Norwex products, reach out to me and we will get your party on my books!

  1. STAR 1 – Get Rewards for the number of guests buying! You will receive FREE Shipping. a chance at a Channel Textured Kitchen Cloth, and a set of 3 Counter Cloths!
  2. STAR 2 – Total Sales Accumulated! You will receive up to 12% of total sales that will go towards your Host Dollars.
  3. STAR 3 – Parties Booked! You will get rewarded every time someone books a party with you. If they book one party you have the opportunity to receive a Window Cloth, Enviro Cloth, Dusting Mitt, and an Optic Scarf!
  4. STAR 4 – Ultimate Rewards! Earning the 4 Stars is where you have the chance to qualify for the most FREE product. You will need to have a minimum of 1 party booked and a minimum of 3 customer orders for the chance to qualify for Ultra Power Plus Laundry Detergent, Stain Remover, Rubber Brush, Large Entry Mat, and $60 Host Credit!
  5. STAR 5 – Earn Extra! When a Host or Guest at your August Party joins Norwex, you will receive an extra $25 towards your Host Credit.