Cleaning the kitchen when I didn’t have Norwex used to be a tough process.  I want to have a clean kitchen but for many years realized that most of the cleaning products out there are not safe or eco friendly products.  I sure you would agree that the number one thing we all want for our family is safety and health!

About 15 years ago I began purchasing natural eco friendly cleaning products to try to eliminate the chemicals in my home.  The problem I found right away is that they were much more expensive and they did not work nearly as well as the chemical based cleaning products.  

10 years ago Norwex came into my life and that all changed.  When it comes to cleaning up the kitchen now, I only use Norwex products to clean my kitchen.  The main things I use are:

1. Enviro cloth– This is my everything cloth.  If I need to heavy duty clean something like the kitchen cabinets, hood above stove, microwave above stove, excess grease build up I grab my enviro cloth and typically use with water only.  For really heavy duty stains I may grab my cleaning paste to go with it!

2. Window Cloth– This cloth is a must have!  I follow up using the window cloth to polish after wiping surfaces down with the wet enviro cloth.  The Purple window cloth will eave your countertops shiny and streak free.  It is amazing on stainless steel appliances. They will also be free of all smudges, steaks, etc.

3. Kitchen counter cloths box set- are one of my favorites! –I have them sitting in the wire cute box next to my sink.

I use them from everything to wiping counter tops up, cleaning the sink, washing a quick dish, wiping my hands, etc!

4. EnvirospongeThis sponge is my everything for scrubbing dishes, stove tops, sink and anything else that need a little more elbow grease.  They are scrubby on one side and the enviro cloth microfiber on the other side so you can wipe off when you are done scrubbing.  They pair nicely with the cleaning paste. I love these sponges because they have our baclock technology and when they need to be washed you can just throw them in the wash!

5. Cleaning PasteThis is my favorite product from Norwex.  It has SO many uses for the kitchen and everywhere else in your home.  I use the paste with the envirosponge or enviro cloth to scrub my flat top stove.  It takes all of the baked on stuff off your stove top and leaves shiny and clean when you follow up with the window cloth.  It is amazing to use when cleaning stainless steel or porcelain sinks! Once you are done, your sink will look brand new!

Honestly there are SO many other products I use in my kitchen, but this is a great start!

Let me know what Norwex must-haves you use in your home!

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