Opportunity Awaits: Become a Norwex Consultant

https://youtu.be/HzgvrEOZG4o I am always looking for and excited to add new consultants to my amazing team—I know YOU would be the perfect addition! I'm so glad I took that leap and joined Norwex years ago; my life has changed in great ways, and I know it can for you too. If you're ready to take that step, let's chat!

Green Living: Pitch the Plastic

Seems like every day more and more evidence is being mounted against plastics. This DailyMail.com article is another recent example. According to this article, “New evidence suggests that heat makes chemicals in plastic storage boxes and bottles leach into food and drink: two major reports last year linked 175 compounds to health problems connected to cancers, fertility and foetal development.” Many of the chemicals mentioned in this article are part of the “Dirty Dozen” list [...]

Monthly Specials: Hostess Incentives for October

Norwex Ocotber Host Specials The season for Trick-or-Treat is almost here—host a party in October and you're in for a real treat! This month's Hostess Incentives have been announced, and I know you're going to love all the goodies you can get for hosting a party. Those new Fall products are part of the October incentives, and you have the opportunity to earn up to five of them for free! In addition to [...]

Repurpose with a Purpose

Wondering what to do with all the gadgets needed for the endless amounts of cleaning supplies you used prior to Norwex? This is such a neat way to use old mop/broom clips in a new and useful way. Goodbye, cabinet clutter; hello, organization! Have questions about Norwex products? I'm here to answer. You can also click here to find out more about joining my team of outstanding Norwex Consultants.

New Generation Norwex Microfiber

What makes Norwex microfiber different than other microfiber? A lot! Check out this video on the new generation of Norwex Microfiber and see the difference for yourself. https://youtu.be/2FdxJwbTQu8 Already using Norwex microfiber? How has it changed your the way you clean? I'd love to hear from you!

Tasty Tips: Stuffed Pepper Soup

As my kids get older and our lives are busier, sitting down for dinner is so important to me. It's a chance to regroup, share our day, and enjoy each others' company. I'm always looking for good recipes that are simple to make to afford me that time with my family before I head out to my Norwex parties, and this is a good one! The warmer weather may still be around, but it’s never [...]

Back to School—The Lunchtime Dilemma

It’s that time of year again! School is officially back in session for most area kids, and one of the most common dilemmas for parents is what to pack in those lunch boxes. Picky eaters aside, it’s tough to figure out what to send that is not only yummy, but HEALTHY! Food is fuel, and what our kids put into their bodies determines how well they function during the day. I’m a big fan of [...]

Product Spotlight: New for Fall 2015—Part 3

We’re wrapping up our new product spotlight this week. You can go back and see part one and part two if you missed the posts. Remember, if you see anything you like, I’m happy to help you order these products! Also, hosting a party is a great way to earn lots of freebies. Norwex BackScrubber If you’re a fan of the the body cloths then you’re really going to love the new Back [...]

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