Norwex Ocotber Host Specials

Norwex Ocotber Host Specials

The season for Trick-or-Treat is almost here—host a party in October and you’re in for a real treat! This month’s Hostess Incentives have been announced, and I know you’re going to love all the goodies you can get for hosting a party.

Those new Fall products are part of the October incentives, and you have the opportunity to earn up to five of them for free! In addition to the Host Special, receive the following items for free when your party has a minimum of $550 in Subtotal A Sales, 3 buying guests and 1 booking:

1 Slim Air Freshener Bag
1 Large Air Freshener Bag
1 Dryer Balls (set of 2)

As always, you’ll also earn cash to go towards purchasing other items you have your eye on as well. Hosting really is the simplest way to stock up on a lot of Norwex products for free. Check out all of the October Specials and let me know when to put you on the calendar for a party.

Also, if you’ve hosted parties before and think being a Norwex consultant is for you, I have a team that is growing all over the USA and I’m always happy to talk through the benefits and have you on my team. Let me know!