I just got home from my 7th Norwex National Conference.  Every year it get’s better and I am always so excited to see so many people that have truly become family for me.  This year during our awards ceremony I was given awards for top sales, #1 top group leader and #1 overall leader.  I have been reflecting on what this all means and a few thoughts stand out:

The Awards:

The awards that I was given on stage would not have been given to me unless my amazing team would have worked as hard as they did this past year.  The skill and passion that it takes to succeed in a direct sales business is hard, and this team has more passion and skill than I have ever seen.  I got to represent them… amazing and humbling!

We All Need Support:

Conference is always a reminder that we all need people around us cheering us on and supporting us.  We are not meant to do life alone.  The woman and men on our team are truly the best cheerleaders I have ever seen!!

Our Minds Matter:

What we think in our minds will come true so be VERY careful of your thinking!

Norwex Changes Lives:

We are changing lives with Norwex and this mission is so important.  Being with so many like minded team members is why I keep doing what I do.
I love all of you on Team Aqua and I am honored that I got to be the one to represent you up on stage this year!!