The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.By: Brad Carlson

Have you ever had your spouse tell you things that you were in NO mood to hear or absorb, much less work on? Well, PLANNING is one of those little nuggets that my wife Kris kept at me on. I lived moment-to-moment and this worked well in my life. Why should I listen to Kris telling me that I needed to plan ahead? What I really should say is, this worked well for ME and was a complete inconvenience to everyone else around me.

When Kris started with Norwex six years ago, things began to change for me. Kris was now working nights a couple of times a week, plus she was traveling to Iowa, Wisconsin, Nevada, Utah, New Jersey, North Carolina, Florida, California, Texas and many other places to grow her business. I also had a full time job and was traveling. I could no longer live moment-to-moment, I needed to start planning ahead. Could Kris really have been right all of these years? I hated to admit, on this one, she was! See, I was so worried that planning my life would take away the freedom I so need and crave. What I found out was that the more I planned, the more FREEDOM I gained. Kris and I now meet at least once a week to go over or schedules for 2 – 3 months out. About once a month we look out 12 months or more. I now have way more time to do the priorities in my life than I did when I was living moment-to-moment. Thank you Kris!!! Lesson learned.