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Do You Think Like A Leader?

Leadership is not a title, it’s an action and example. A person’s mindset can determine whether or not they are a successful leader. Below are a few tips everyone can use to improve their leadership skills.
Keep Focus On The Mission:
Never loose sight of the purpose and results you wish to achieve. Looking at the higher intent will be what separates you from the rest as a leader.
Coach Your Follower:

When you build a team around you and are […]

  • Norwex Oven and Grill Cleaner

Norwex Oven and Grill Cleaner

Want a quick and easy way to clean your oven and grill without all the toxic fumes of a self cleaning oven? The Norwex Oven and Grill cleaner is the perfect solution, using natural enzymes to clean off that gunk and grime.

How To Use the Norwex Oven and Grill Cleaner
For a quick, easy way to clean your oven or grill, start by heating it up to about 100 degrees  and spray on the Norwex Oven and Grill […]

Norwex August 2016 Host Rewards and Customer Specials

August 2016 Norwex Host Rewards
As always, Norwex is offering an amazing Host Rewards package this month. If you have been considering hosting a party,  contact me to get your party on my calendar.

August 2016 Norwex Customer Specials
Norwex has some great specials for August!


If you want to take advantage of the August 2016 Norwex Customer Specials or host rewards, contact me here or text/call 919-413-1035.

03 – How do I Master the Skill of Bookings at a Party?

Today’s Succeed And Shine with Kris Carlson podcast is the THIRD one in our series on Bookings for your Direct Sales business. As a Top Leader in direct sales, Kris is often asked to share her secrets on how she became so successful. One success factor is to capitalize on the BEST resource for bookings; your parties. So, in this Episode we’ll be talking about the best ways to get bookings at your in-home party.


  • Norwex Bath Towel

Norwex Bath Towels

Our Norwex Bath Towels are a staple in the Carlson household. They are so versatile and use our BacLock technology so you don’t have to wash your towels nearly as often as you do with regular towels.

The Norwex Bath towels have the same BacLock technology so you will not have to wash them as much as a typical bath towel. They also fold up really small which is great on the go, to keep in […]

  • Sperm Whales

Sperm Whales Killed By Plastic

Early this year, 13 sperm whales washed up on the shores of Germany. This was the latest in a series of whale stranding around the North Sea. So far, more than 30 sperm whales have been found beached since the start of the year in the Netherlands, France, Germany Denmark and the U.K.

The most shocking part of all of this is what was found inside these whales. After a necropsy of the whales, researchers found […]

  • Produce Wash

Norwex Fresh Produce Wash

Norwex Fresh Produce Wash
On average your produce has gone through 18 hands before you bring it home. Gross! Kris Carlson explains how to use the Norwex Fresh Produce wash to clean and keep produce fresh longer.

This Produce Wash will last you a long time! Pair our Produce Wash with our silicone lids and produce bags.

For more information on this product or others, contact me today or shop online!

  • cleaning products secret

Your Cleaning Product’s Dirty Little Secret

Do you know what’s hiding in your cleaning products?
Cleaning product companies tell you that keeping your home clean requires an army of cleaning products and air fresheners. Wipes, sprays, powders, all with the promise of making you home healthier by killing germs and removing dirt. More often than not, these products are also filled infused with scents to make your daily chores a more pleasant experience and give your home a “fresh”, “clean” scent.
So what are […]

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How Has Norwex Impacted Your Life?

At one of our recent group meetings we asked some of our fellow Norwex consultants how Norwex has impacted their lives. We love what they had to say!

Some of the biggest ways Norwex has impacted these women’s lives and the lives of their families is financial freedom and an outlet to be something more than a wife and mom. Norwex has help them find their purpose and they are helping change other peoples lives. How has […]

02: Mastering Bookings – When You’re New

Today’s Succeed And Shine with Kris Carlson podcast is the SECOND one in our series on Bookings for your Direct Sales business. On this episode, Kris will be talking about how to become a bookings master when you’re new to the business. She’ll also discuss what to do when you’re new to an area and how to increase your bookings success without being PUSHY