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5 Ways To Have A Productive Day As A Work From Home Business Owner

Having your own home based direct sales business is a wonderful opportunity for you and your family to live the lifestyle you truly want but, as with any job, it can be stressful at times. Having your office and home in the same place can become difficult if you don’t create boundaries.  Here are 5 ways to help create a stress free lifestyle as a work from home business owner:
1. Start your day as if you are going to the […]

17: Time to Answer Listener Questions!! – October, 2016 Edition

On this Episode of Succeed And Shine with Kris Carlson, Kris answers questions on Trade Shows and Holiday Boutiques for Direct Sales received from listeners thru-out the month of October.


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Is Your Lack Of Follow-Up Loosing You Sales?

Did you know that 80% of sales are made after the fifth contact and 44% of salespeople stop following up after the first contact? Forty eight percent of sales people never even follow up to begin with. That leaves a lot of lost potential earnings on the table!

As direct sales consultants, we have multiple ways to get new customers. These customers can be friends, they can be friends of past customers, they can be from a […]

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Everyday Objects In Our Homes Are Making Americans Sick

New research shows that chemicals in objects we are exposed to daily via common household objects are making Americans sick by disrupting our hormones, causing cancerous tumors, birth defects, and other developmental disorders. These chemicals are found in things like plastic bottles, metal food cans, flame retardants (found on items such as mattresses, children’s clothing and toys), cosmetics, pesticides, detergents and household cleaning products.

A recent study revealed that exposure to these endocrine disrupting chemicals cost the US more […]

16: Hostess Coaching 101

This Succeed And Shine with Kris Carlson podcast is on Hostess Coaching. In this Episode, Kris will share how you can increase attendance at EVER party, while also reducing the amount of cancellations you have. All you need to do is follow her simply laid out plan for Hostess Coaching. Having successful parties as a result of good hostess coaching has helped Kris become the #1 Group Leader in the fastest growing party plan business in the U.S., Norwex.


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November 2016 Norwex Host Rewards and Customer Specials

Norwex November 2016 Host Rewards:
The Norwex November 2016 rewards have been released and they include some of my favorite new products!  Contact me today to book your in home Norwex party or Facebook Norwex party.

Norwex November Host Rewards Detailed:
When you hit $350 in sales you will receive: a Kitchen Cloth in latte, a Bottle Brush with EnviroSleeve, a Magnetic EnviroCloth, a Window Cloth in purple, a 2 pack of Spirinetts, and a  Travel Pack. When your party reaches $550 in […]

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The New Norwex Products Released in October 2016 Are Here!

Norwex just released the last of the much anticipated fall 2016 products!
Norwex Essential Oils:
For a lot of my customers one of the hardest parts about switching to cleaning with just water and Norwex is missing the “smell of clean”. Norwex now has three new essential oil blends to help you ditch the chemical smells that often contain harmful ingredients like phthalates.

Norwex Soothing Blend: The Norwex Soothing blend is a calming mix of  Lavender, Vanilla, Chamomile and Sandalwood. This combination […]

15: Leaders Building Leaders – Teaching Leaders to Strong Start

This Succeed And Shine with Kris Carlson podcast is the SECOND in a series on Leaders Building Leaders. In this Episode, Kris will share one of the MOST important principles of growing your team; Strong Start. This principle alone helped to catapult Kris’ business from strong, to becoming the #1 Group Leader in the fastest growing party plan business in the U.S., Norwex.


  • October Rewards Updated

Updated Norwex Host Rewards for October 2016

Norwex October 2016 Host Rewards Updated on 10/3
Norwex’s has decided to start the giving early this year. They just released an updated host rewards flyer with new host dollar percentages for the month of October 2016!

In October as a Norwex Host, you are going to earn up to 25% more Host Dollars!

Here are the changes: if you have any sales up to $249.99 you now receive 10% of guest sales instead of 8%. If you have […]

  • Q&A With Kris

Ask Kris: Have Questions Regarding Your Direct Sales Business?

Have you ever had direct sales questions that you are dying to ask? Post your questions here or reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter and Kris will answer you questions during next months “Direct Sales Q and A with Kris”.
Kris Carlson is a Norwex Senior Vice President Sales Leader who has grown her business from the ground up in the past 7 years. She launched Norwex in the North Carolina area and has received awards as […]