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The New Norwex Site Has Launched!

Norwex’s new website (front and backend) has been launched! The new site is amazing and makes my job easier. With all of the changes, we are working hard to get all of the links here on, along with all of our social links changed over to the new site. If you see any we’ve missed, please feel free to contact us.

So, without further ado… Here are some pictures of the new site:

Want to see […]

  • Spring Retreat

Team Aqua Spring Retreat

It’s time for our Team Aqua Spring Retreat!

It is so amazing the Debbie and Mike Bolton are flying in just for us! They are coming to talk to us about the beginnings of Norwex and we are also going to get LOTS of amazing training as we learn and grow our businesses together.

Looking back at the event last year it makes me SO excited to remember the amazing time we had. Can’t wait to see you […]

  • Norwex In The Kitchen

Norwex In The Kitchen

Norwex is great for the kitchen! Kris tells us which Norwex products work best in the kitchen.

The kitchen cloth has the same properties as the EnviroCloth, but it has grooves and it will dry a lot quicker. The kitchen towel is also wonderful (no more dish towel separate from the hand towel!). The cleaning paste is also great in the kitchen. The cleaning paste is amazing in things like a porcelain farm sink. If you […]

  • Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 10.14.34 AM

Healthy Summer Recipes

With summer right around the corner it’s time to switch up the menu a bit. Here are my top 5 healthy summer recipes:

1: Garlic Chicken with Orzo Noodles – This is a simple recipe with a spicy kick for garlic lovers. Ready in 30 minutes, it’s an easy, light go to meal for busy nights.

2: Zucchini Pizza Bites  – These zucchini pizza bites are a great snack when you are craving pizza but want something a little healthier. […]

  • TeamAquaMVP_may

April 2016 Team Aqua MVP

Our April 2016 Team Aqua MVP is Linda Rowan. Linda recently promoted to ESL!

We asked Linda a few questions to get to know her a little better.

What is your “why” for being a Norwex consultant?  My Why started out just to make extra money to pay for 2 upcoming trips. It has continued, not only to make extra money, but mostly because of the relationships I have made with fellow consultants and customers, while feeling good about […]

  • May Host Specials

May 2016 Norwex Hostess and Customer Specials

The May 2016 Norwex Hostess and Customer specials have been released!

Below is the list of all of the products you can earn from Norwex this coming month. If you have been considering hosting, we have two ways to earn your Hostess rewards. You can host in your home with friends and family, or via an Facebook party.

There are some great gifts for mom and dad for this months customer specials.


Contact me to host your party or Shop here to […]

  • giving back

Team Aqua Gives Back Project

Last month the NC Team Aqua leaders piloted a new idea and we’re excited to share it with you! Our goal was to give something back to our community by using this incredible network of people we have through Norwex, so in March our NC leaders invited all party guests to bring a non-perishable food or household item to the party with them. Leaders then brought all of the items to our last team meeting […]

  • Leadership Development

Norwex Leadership Development Bonus Program

How generous can Norwex be?  Norwex is a company that keeps giving and giving to us!!  We all love sharing the great mission at Norwex of improving quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes but the support of empowering men and woman with leadership is the best!!  Helping leaders to grow on my team has been one of my favorite parts of this job and now Norwex is paying great dividends just […]

  • Body Cloth Youtube

Norwex Body Cloth

Have you been looking for a chemical free way to wash your face and exfoliate your skin?


The Norwex BodyCloths have the same properties as our other microfiber, but the texture is quite a bit different. They are so soft and they are perfect for anyone with sensitive skin. Yes, you can skip the soap and wash clean your body with just these cloths! They are great if you have acne, eczema and psoriasis. Want to […]

  • starter Kit

Becoming a Norwex Consultant

Are you ready to join me for a life changing opportunity for you and your family? What would you do with extra money every month? Pay bills? Save to buy a house? Buy a new car? Go on vacation? I have been able to help many families who have said YES to this amazing opportunity. The best part, you can do this full time, or part time. The time you want to spend is up […]

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