Hello 2022!

Hello friends- can you guys believe it is already 2022! It seems like we started 2021 just yesterday. Whether you accomplished all of your goals last year or not, it is a new year and we have a fresh start. Let’s look at how we can start fresh with Norwex.

There are four ways to earn January Referral Rewards!

Norwex has FOUR ways you can earn FREE rewards.

Hosts will earn Host Credit or Norwex products based on the number of guests that order, a percentage of the sales, when their party reaches specific milestone sales goals, and/or how many guests book their own parties. No matter what size party you have, there are so many ways to earn host rewards this month! I know there are quite a few things I have my eye on. Check out the star levels for yourself!

Start Fesh With Norwex!

This month you get to save lots on our Lysere products. Get 15% off on a Salon-Quality Shine with the shampoo and conditioner. You can also save over 14% on the hair mask and hair protection spray. In no time your hair will look shiny and new just in time for the new year!

Start The New Year Off Right!

With a new year comes new goals. Let’s hold each other accountable this year- reach out to me on Instagram and let me know what goals you are making. With a little teamwork, I know we will crush our goals. I can’t wait to hear from you!