When I joined Norwex, I had no idea how important researching WHO I signed up with was. I just knew that I loved Norwex and all of their products. I also knew that if the products really did what they said they would do, (and they did) I had just found a gold mine business opportunity! People today are much more aware of the dangers of chemical exposure in their home and are looking for a green clean solution. With Norwex we clean with mostly water and a cloth. Talk about an eco-friendly way to live!

If you are wondering why it is important to sign up with me and the #1 team in Norwex, I have a couple of thoughts for you.   

  1. Starting out with Norwex can be overwhelming! I have tried SO many things in this business over the past 10 years and some things have worked and many things I have tried have not worked. You name it…I have tried it! People ask me all the time how I have gotten to be the #1 leader in Norwex. One of the most important things I have done is learn the 80/20 rule in this business. The idea is the 20% of the activities you do every day will account for 80% of your success in your Norwex business. When you join me, I will share with you what I have learned are the key 20% activities to make you successful! Why reinvent the wheel right?
  2. My number #1 passion in this business is helping others have the success that I have had. When you join Norwex with my team, you will have access to tons of training that I have created over the last 10 years. I have podcasts, videos, websites, and many social media platforms to support you in your business! Whatever your learning style is, we have got you covered!
  3. We have eyes on us! We are the #1 team in Norwex. I have the opportunity to bring ideas or concerns you have to the top! When you join my Norwex team, I will go to bat for you!
  4. We have the best team culture!! I am so proud to represent Team Aqua (my large team name). The men and woman I have had the opportunity to work with over the years are top notch! You will love the people on our team and make many wonderful friends along the way. So often I laugh with my team leaders because we all feel like we get paid to hang out with our friends. It is the best!

I hope this gave you a great picture of what it would be like to join Norwex and Team Aqua. We have consultants all over Norwex America. We cover the entire United States. This means whichever state you live in, I would love to train you! I train consultants globally! If you would like to chat about any questions you have or learn more about this business that is changing the world one home at a time, please reach out to me. I would love to meet you!

Here’s how to reach me:
Email: krisecochick@gmail.com
Facebook: My Norwex 
Business Page | My Norwex VIP Group