I wrote this blog post a while ago while I was traveling to Utah. Reading through it today brought back some great memories as I continue on my Limitless Retreats across the country. Next up? Harrisburg, Pennsylvania in September!
I am traveling home from a weekend away spending time with my team in Utah. My Norwex team in Utah is very large and has so many amazing consultants and top leaders. One of my favorite things to do at this point in my Norwex journey is to go out on the road and share what I have learned about direct sales and Norwex over the last 10 years. 

I trained around the idea that we live in a world that often tells us to multi-task, take the blindfold off and do as many things we can! I have learned that in order to be successful in direct sales you need to actually do the opposite. With Norwex it is easy to get caught up doing tons of different activities from studying the products, making images to post on social media, creating flyers, making samples of Norwex products, and on and on. The truth is, 20% of the activities we focus on will produce 80% of our success. The 80/20 rule.

When we start to dream…and I mean REALLY dream big amazing things can happen. I am proof of that. The truth is, when we put a blindfold on and focus on a very few simple activities, BIG things happen!

We did an activity where everyone got an Aqua bandana and took some time to really dream. Everyone shared at their tables and drew their dreams on their bandanas. I also had everyone think about the limiting beliefs they have that are stopping them from their dreams. At the end of the evening, people came up and shared their big dreams and their limiting beliefs. It was SO special to get to hear everyone’s dreams for their lives. It also touched me so much to hear the things that get in their way. We as women especially are SO hard on ourselves. I felt so much relief is speaking all of the pressures that people were carrying with them. So many women and men released the lies they were telling themselves and I know many successes are about to happen!

As I sit here on the plane heading back to my family, I am so thankful for this #1 team of brilliant consultants and leaders I have the privilege of working with!

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