We bought our beach house about 8 years ago thanks to my Norwex business.  I grew up going to Swansboro, NC.  Every year we would go and visit my granddad.  He retired near Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, NC.

When I was a little girl I remember we would drive about 20 minutes to the beach from my granddad’s house and play for the day.  I would sit and look at all the houses on the beach that people stayed in and think, “someday I would love to be able to stay on the beach”.  Those people must be VERY rich!

Once I married Brad and started my own traditions, we were lucky enough (thanks to Brad’s hard work) to be able to rent a house on the beach once a year.  We would pack up and drive from MN to the beach because we could not afford to fly, and that was more than okay with me. 

It was a dream!

When Norwex came into my life, the really big dream started to grow!

At first, we needed the Norwex income to help pay the bills because Brad had lost his job.  Very quickly though after I joined Norwex, Brad got another job and things were back to normal but we had extra money. 

We talked and decided that we would begin saving for a dream beach house of our own.  After not too long, thanks to a very generous income from Norwex, we were able to purchase our dream home!! 

So many special things have happened there since the beginning of that purchase! 

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