OH BOY…the $1000 kit is back!!

IT IS BACK!!!  Anyone who joins in August 2017 only needs to sell $1000 to qualify.

Now is your chance to join me in creating Safe Havens with Norwex and earn your Party Starter Kit FREE with only $1000 in Subtotal A Sales in your first 90 days! That means, with an average party (sales of $500), you can earn your FREE Kit just by holding two Launch Parties! This is the best deal ever!

This is the same Party Starter Kit, worth about $300, that typically requires $2,000 in sales to earn it free. As always, Norwex gives you your kit free upfront (with $9.99 shipping) and but in the month of August 2017, you only have to sell $1000!

Earn Free Norwex Products and Bonus Shopping Spree Money!

Not only is Norwex offering this amazing opportunity to earn your kit free with only $1000 in sales, but they are also offering bonus shopping spree money when you hit your fresh start goals (*NOT REQUIRED)! These fresh start goals help you strong start your Norwex business and gives you even more free products! Seriously, THE BEST DEAL EVER!

If you would like more information about joining my team, contact me here or sign up today here!