New month, new opportunities to transform your home and surroundings into a clean space that you will fall in love with!  If you are new to following, Norwex has new hostess and customer specials each month and I can hardly wait to tell you all the details for May 2019.

Our hostesses are always spoiled and I love it. There are a few ways to earn all the goodies:

FREE Host Dollars — a percentage of your party sales that you can spend on any products you want)

FREE Products — based on how many guests shop your party

FREE Window Cloth — for every guest that books their own show

FREE Gift Set — based on your total of guests shopping, party sales, and at least 1 party booked

Now, tell me what is stopping you from hosting a party and sharing all the products you love? Is it your fear of no one showing up? Or is it your lack of experience?

Here is the thing— my JOB is to help you have a successful party. I am my hostesses partner, giving you all the tips and what I know that works. Trust me, you deserve time with your girlfriends, some snacks, and to share with them all the things you’ve been up to and loving, including Norwex. It’s that simple!

May 2019 Customer Specials

Alright, let’s talk about this month’s customer specials. If you have been thinking about switching up your cleaning cloths and sponges either for your home or your car (because we need to give our cars some love too), now is a great time!

This time of year, I like to give my kitchen a thorough deep cleaning. I wipe down all of the appliances, cabinets, drawers, doors & walls. I also fill a bucket with hot soapy water and scrub the baseboards, table & chairs using my Envirosponges. The whole kitchen smells so fresh and clean.

I am so excited to tell you that one of the specials — Scrub or Shine Set — offers amazing tools to deep clean your kitchen. The set includes:

  • 1 Limited-Edition EnviroSponges
  • A set of 2, blue and green
  • 1 Window Cloth, purple

This is a great set to have for your kitchen AND your bathrooms!

I am sure we all have those moments in the car where we need to wipe up our hands or car seats but couldn’t find anything. Can you relate?  Drive Away Dirt is kind of a life-saver. It comes with a car cloth and one car vent clips. These clothes are great for little (and big) messes. I always have at least one in the car. I use it to wipe up little messes and dirty hands, but they also come in handy to wipe down car surfaces too. Next time, you know you’re covered if you spill anything in your car.

Oh, and new consultants have a fun incentive this month, too! If you have a new financial goal, want to add more income or even just more friends and “me time” into your world, we should chat about you starting your own Norwex business. It’s always FREE to join Norwex, and joining the #1 Team in the entire company means you’ll be learning from the BEST when it comes to starting your business out strong!

I’m always available at Simply shoot me a message there, follow me on Facebook, or join my Facebook Group, The EcoChicks VIP Lounge, to stay current on all things Norwex!