It is really important to make sure you care for your Norwex Microfiber. In the video below Kris explains the best ways to clean your cloths.

  1. When you’ve been using your Microfiber to clean around your home, you don’t need to wash every time. Take it to the sink, use the dishwashing liquid and rub the cloth against itself to clean it. You don’t always always have to throw it in the wash.
  2. About once a week, depending on how often you use the cloth, you will want to toss it in the wash. Make sure you use a detergent like our UPP with no fillers. Also remember, no bleach, no fabric softener, no linty towels or clothing in the wash with them. They can be washed with other stuff though.
  3. Want to deep clean your cloth or do they have a bit of a smell? Boil a pan of water on the stove, take your cloths and boil them for about 10 minutes. I suggest doing this a couple times a year.

Our warranty on these cloths is two years but they are going to last much longer! You will be using them a lot, so it is important to protect your investment!

For more information on your cloths, or if you are loving your product and are thinking of becoming a consultant, please feel free to contact me!