Go Big or Go Home - FINAL

By: Brad Carlson

I had the opportunity to join my wife and 2 daughters in Hawaii last week for Kris’ sixth straight Incentive trip she earned from Norwex. As I was sitting on the Lanai outside of my Waikiki hotel room early one morning watching the hundreds of surfers ride 3 foot wave after 3 foot wave, I couldn’t help but think of the popular Go Big or Go Home quote that many of us hear. Why aren’t these Waikiki surfers up on the North Shore where the waves can grow to 20 or 30 feet? Are they just not as good, and if they weren’t, why wouldn’t they want to surf the BEST? After all, aren’t we all conditioned to Go Big or Go Home?

Then it occurred to me; maybe this has nothing to do with skill at all. See, the waves at Waikiki beach are always 3 to 6 feet and continue for a long ways. The waves on the North Shore may be big some days, but there are many days that they are too small to surf and they’re always short rides.

Isn’t this the same for us in our daily lives? Sure, Go Big or Go Home looks good on T-shirts and posters, but is it really what we want to strive for in our daily lives? I have watched Kris build a VERY successful direct selling business based on the concept of doing the small things every single day. It’s this consistency that delivers world-class customer service. It’s this consistency with her team that has been the key to building leaders and a large team. It’s this daily consistency that is at the center of her earning the Incentive trip EVRY YEAR she’s been involved with Norwex. I guess the question we all should be asking is, “What is it in my life that I need to do on a daily basis?” As Jim Rohn states, “Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals.”