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Have you ever wondered why all the fuss about plastic use? Why should we switch to reusable bags, reusable water bottles and cut back on the plastic we consume?  I have to admit, I wasn’t really aware of the problem with plastics in our world until I moved to NC and started going to the beach. Our walks on the North Carolina coast is when I noticed how much waste there really is. Now, Brad and I always carry a bag with us on our walks so we can care for the beach and grab the garbage we see. This is picture above is just one 45 minute walk. Why reduce our plastic use? Because this is not what we want our calming days on the beach to be filled with.

 Beach Cleanup Photo
Part of the Norwex movement is to reduce the effects that plastic waste has on our environment and also our own personal health. Nearly 80% of all waste on our land, shorelines and in our oceans now consists of plastic debris. How could this happen? It’s all adds up quick! Humans have produced more plastic in the past ten years than in the whole previous century. This plastic pollution threatens our oceans, endangers marine life, and congests our landfills.
What can you do to make a change? Start by making the switch to as many reusables as you can. If you do have plastic and other items that can be recycled, do so. The more we can get out of our landfill the better. Also, when you go to places like the beach, do your part. Don’t leave behind anything except footprints.

Will you join me in the Norwex Movement to help make a difference?