Join Us At Experience Norwex And Be Our Guest!

Very  exciting news is happening in NC on September 15th! We have the honor of having the Norwex BIG WIGS (Debbie Bolton, Eivind Schackt, and Kathy Mitchell) join us during our Raleigh, North Carolina Experience Norwex Meeting.  If you want to hear about the heart of Norwex and what the Norwex experience is really all about, this is an event you need attend! 

Norwex Be Our Guests

As if that weren’t enough, it gets even better! If you sell $4,000 in August and add 2 new members to your team, you will be invited to join the head of Norwex for a private dinner. For anyone in North Carolina or the surrounding states, this dinner will be held on September 15th at 5pm.

The Experience Norwex and Be Our Guest dinner is an amazing opportunity you don’t want to miss. Get those parties on your calendars and make sure you have your recruiting plan in place to hit your goals! As always, feel free to reach out to me if you have questions about Norwex, joining my team or how to attend the Experience Norwex event.