Local Vendor EventsWhen you first start your direct sales business you are going to be reaching out to friends and family asking them to help you build your customer base, this is especially true for those of us in the party plan direct sales industry. If these contacts don’t yield more parties or if you don’t know a lot of people in your area, you will need to find a new way to expand your customers. Vendor events are the perfect way to boost your business!

Using Local Events for Networking:

Moving outside of your local friends and family is imperative for your direct sales business to be successful. Networking and building your network is really what this business is all about, so don’t be afraid to get out there and meet some new people! Remember, this vendor event could be just what you need to really get your business booming.

Using Local Events for Bookings and Leads:

Participating in local vendor events can be huge for your booking and leads. This, of course, will depend on how busy it is and how well the event fits your business. Offering things like a free raffle and a booking incentive is a great way to get people to give you their information. The key is to actually FOLLOW UP with these leads!  One thing you can do to help with follow up is write down a quick note about products they are interested in or something they have told me they are looking for before putting their information in the raffle bucket. It is impossible to remember everyone you will meet so having this during the followup can help you get that booking or sale. It is best to get in touch the following business day with a brief message saying how you enjoyed meeting them. If they were interested in a booking or purchase, ask about it in your followup.

Using Local Events for Recruiting:

One of the most exciting things about attending local events is that you truly never know who is going to show up at your booth. You could have people who have never heard of the products, you could have people who are looking to have a party, or you could have someone who is looking for the perfect opportunity to start their own direct sales business. Although this is not going to happen at every event, it is important to be ready for it! Make sure you have your recruiting packs ready to be handed out if there is someone interested in joining your team. Make sure to set up a time to do a call within the next few days and go over any questions they may have. Again, follow up is key!

Using Local Events To Spend Time With Your Team:

Everyone is busy with their lives and building their own direct sales businesses, but local vendor events are the perfect place to get your team together for a day. It’s always more fun to have someone come along, so grab a team member or two and split the costs of the event. This is also a great way to get your new recruits some training. This is also a great time for them to practice before they have a party if the timing fits. If you have inactive people on your team reach out to them as well and see if they would like to join you for the day. Having them spend time sharing the products they fell in love with may be just what they need to get inspired to start their business again!

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits to local vendor events. Weather you are looking to build your network, book more parties or just spend some time with your team, I challenge you to book one vendor even within the next three months. Don’t forget to come back and share your success stories!