March 2017 Host Rewards

March 2017 Host Rewards are out and it is another great month of rewards! The best part is this month’s Host Exclusive Offer includes the exclusive eggplant Kitchen cloth and Kitchen Towel with the unique double sided weave! If you would like to host a party or are interested in earning Norwex free, reach out to me and we will get your party on my books.

UPDATE: As of March 1, 2017 Norwex has added an extra $50 host credit (shopping spree money!) when your party hits $600 in sales and has 6 buying guests.


March 2017 Customer Specials

For the Little Blossoms: The Little Blossoms special includes a Norwex Reusable Wet Wipe Bag, A Norwex Vibrant Body Pack, and the Norwex Brown Bear Kids Pet to Dry.



Spring Cleaning Power Pack: This spring cleaning special is perfect for all of those upcoming chores. This pack includes the a Norwex Dusting Mitt in green, a Norwex Dusting Mitt in blue, the Norwex EnviroCloth in pink, and the Norwex Window Cloth in purple.

Click the link to shop these specials and other Norwex products: Kris Carlson’s Norwex Shop.