As you may know, Norwex is currently running a Jump On promotion from February  1 to March 16th. This promotion gives you the ability to join this at home business working as a Norwex consultant for free, without any obligation.  Norwex is also adding 3 bonus products for those of you who have been considering the standard kit to give you a little extra incentive to start working the business.

Jump on free month is really the best time for you to join Norwex. If you have been considering joining Team Aqua, but don’t know which kit is right for you, here is a little more information to help you choose which fits your needs.

Which Norwex Kit Will You Choose?

Who is right for our the standard kit?

If you think you want to work the business, this standard kit is right for you. If you love the Norwex products, if you want to share Norwex product with friends and family, this standard kit is the perfect way to start.  This month, the added bonus items just help give you that extra push you may have needed to really commit to starting your business with Norwex.

Who is right for the free kit?

The free kit is perfect for anyone who wants to some of our products. This is a great way for those of you who have wondered about Norwex but haven’t had the chance to try them yet. This is also a great way for those of you who have been considering becoming a Norwex consultant but just aren’t sure about the commitment to jump on Team Aqua.

There are some many great opportunities with Norwex, so really you can’t go wrong. Contact me today and I will help you figure out which kit is best for you.