If you know anyone who is a Norwex consultant, you have probably heard about mop month! It is such an exciting time for our Norwex businesses as consultant’s because it’s our chance to really honor our hosts and help them earn the Norwex Mop for free! Norwex is one of the most generous companies when it comes to taking care of their employees, consultants and especially hosts. They know that Norwex parties are what keep our business growing!

In July 2017, Norwex is giving out the Norwex Large Superior Mop Collection when you hit just $550 in sales with three (or more) buying guests! That mop alone is a $113 value and that doesn’t include any of the other rewards they give you. Amazing, Right? (You can see a full overview of the July 2017 Norwex Host rewards by clicking here.)

So is the Norwex Mop worth it?

Well, I think it is! I love the Norwex mop and I love being able to give the gift of it to my hosts just for having an average Norwex party with me. Why buy it when you can earn it free?

Cleaning The Floors Without Chemicals – Being able to clean the floors in our home without chemicals is one honestly priceless! No more chemical residue left over, no more stickiness as you walk and most importantly, no more exposing the ones you love to hash chemicals as they walk through your home.

Norwex Microfiber – Just like other Norwex Microfiber products, the Superior Mop System uses the high quality microfiber that, in my opinion, you just can’t find anywhere else!  The dry mop pad has a natural static electricity so it holds onto the dirt. This makes it amazing for picking up sand, dirt, dust bunnies, and pet or human hair.  And, NO MORE MOP AND BUCKET!  You just use your wet the mop pad with water and clean! The Norwex wet mop pad only has to be damp to really clean the floors, so you will be able to clean a large portion before you have to bring it back to the sink to rewet it. This also makes the Norwex Mop great for cleaning those laminate, hardwood, bamboo, and your cork flooring without the worry of water damage.

The Cost – Well, you can’t beat free! But even if you decide to buy the Norwex mop, it will pay for itself  within the first year. The Norwex pads are reusable and last for years so you will be saving a lot of money in the long run. The disposable pads and the chemical cleaner that comes with those other mops are quite costly and even the reusable parts wear down over time! The Norwex mop system is made with high quality parts and has an amazing warranty incase anything comes up.

How Do I To Earn It Free?

There are a few ways to earn it free. First, you can book a party. Even when it’s not Mop Month you can still earn your Norwex mop with little to no cost by using host rewards dollars. Yes, you read that right! Norwex gives you host dollars on top of the other products they are giving you in your reward packages. I told you the Norwex Host Rewards were amazing, didn’t I?!

You can also earn it free by becoming a consultant on my team! When you become a Norwex consultant, Norwex gives you the mop as part of your Party Starter Kit. Your initial cost is only a $10 shipping fee, and as long as you meet your $2,000 sales goal, you keep it free! Team Aqua, the Norwex team I lead, is currently the number one Norwex team in North America! I have ton’s of training and tips to help you along the way that you will have access to once you join me. You can signup directly through my link here or you can contact me to setup a call to talk more about the hosting or consultant opportunities!