Facebook Live

Have you jumped on the bandwagon and started using Facebook Live for your direct sales business? If not, you could be missing out on a huge opportunity to reach new and current customers.

Why Facebook: Although lots of other social media platforms have come to market and have created new niches, one thing hasn’t changed and that is Facebook is the place you need to have a presence when you have any kind of business. It is a platform that truly has everything you need all in one place. Our personal page is where we share our personal lives, our Business pages are where we share our business, our teams are in our groups and our customers are in our VIP groups and in events.And, lets be honest, most people jump on and check their Facebook in the mornings before anything else, even email! It really is the way people are staying connected to their friends and families.

Using Facebook Live: A lot of direct sales consultants love the idea of using Facebook Live for their business but aren’t really sure where to start. How do you get over the fear of “going live” and learning about this platform without looking silly. Well, first, it’s actually really easy. When you walk through the steps to setup a live video, you will see just how easy it really is. Another suggestions is to setup a private group or event where you can invite a few of your close friends/family and have them help you learn the live features. Ask them to use the emojicons, post comments and let you get the overall feel of how “going live” works. Another thing you will want to do before starting a live video is watch other Facebook Live videos (here is an example of one I did today). Use them! Take notes on what you like/don’t like and use it as a guide for your Facebook Live video.

What Should You Talk About: This is really going to depend on your audience. If you are in direct sales, there are multiple groups of people you will target using Facebook Live. Are you talking to your team? Are you talking to your VIP group? Are you thinking about going live on a party event? This will really help you decided on your topic. Jump on your team page and talk to them about something that would inspire them or do a Q and A session. Start a Facebook Live video on your VIP page and tell them all about a favorite product or why they should be joining your team. Use your business page and talk about a new opportunity, sales specials or new product releases.

When Should You Go Live: Just like when you are deciding a topic for your Facebook Live video for your direct sales business, you will also want to take your audience into account when you decide on timing to go live. Should you go live in the morning or at night? How long should your videos be? Should you go live every day or once a month?  This all really depends on your audience. The biggest thing to remember is that there is never going to be a good time for everyone and the frequency of your live videos needs to fit what your direct sales business. Going live is fun and exciting, but you want to make sure you have a purpose for your audience so they want to jump back on and see you the next time you go live.

Have these tips helped you overcome your fears and go live on Facebook? How was the expierence for you? Did you love it/hate it?