Recently some of my team had a huge promotions with Norwex so I decided it would be really fun to road trip down to Charlotte, North Carolina to celebrate these unbelievable promotions with Brian Dill, Libby and my Norwex team.  I was planning to just go do just that, but then I thought, you know what, one of my favorite parts about this job is that I can just make it fun girls trip!  So I got a hotel, Isabel came with me and we had a blast!

Huge congratulations to all of those who
promoted with Norwex last month in Charlotte,
North Carolina! It was a blast celebrating with you!

We went and celebrated with this fun group of women, had yummy drinks and appetizers at the Norwex party and then, Isabel and I went out to dinner and ice cream. The next day she and I went and did a day of clothes shopping at a near by outlet mall. I love that with any Norwex event I do anywhere, I can always make it a fun girls trip or sneak some kind of fun into it and I still get paid. It’s so awesome that this is “work”!  I love the freedom of the Norwex lifestyle!!

Do you have a job that is super flexible like this and lets you blend “work” and personal life? Comment below with what you do to make it fun!