The Norwex EnviroCloth:

Anyone who has been to a Norwex party has heard all about the EnviroCloth. It is one of our best selling products and the cloth that can be used to clean pretty much anything. If you haven’t been to a party and are wondering what this Norwex thing is all about, the EnviroCloth is the place to start! This cloth can replace your “all purpose” chemical cleaners and a lot of your other cleaners as well.

The Norwex EnviroCloth has the ability to remove dust, dirt and grease from any washable surface with just water, can remove 99% of bacteria from your surfaces (with proper care and use instructions) and has the Norwex BacLock technology, giving it the ability to self-purify and prevents odors from bacteria, mold and mildew growth within the cloth.

How does the Norwex EnviroCloth clean with just water?

Simply stated, it’s a higher grade microfiber than what your purchasing from your local grocery store. Norwex microfiber cloths contain strands that are 1/200th the size of a human hair. Traditional microfiber cloths are typically only about 1/6th the size of a human hair. That means your Norwex EnviroCloth has a huge surface area to grab and remove whatever it is you are cleaning. This is much different than your traditional cotton cloths and paper towels that are just pushing around dirt, grime, and moisture. The other big difference is our unique knitting process. Because our microfiber strands are so much smaller we are able to get a lot more of it into our cloths… 10 million feet actually!

What is BacLock?

BacLock is Norwex’s unique technology that combines an antibacterial silver-based agent with Norwex microfiber. The BacLock is not exclusive to the EnviroCloth and is actually in a lot of the Norwex products. This was designed to prevent bacterial odor, mold and mildew growth within the cloth. This is also what gives our cloths the ability to self-purify when you hang them to dry. This is a major benefit because it means your cloth will resist that funky “yuck” smell you typically get in your cleaning cloths that aren’t laundered daily.

What can the Norwex EnviroCloth Clean?

EVERYTHING! Your Norwex EnviroCloth has the nickname the “everything cloth” for a reason and that’s because it really can be used to clean any washable surface. Use it wet for your surface area cleaning and use it dry for dusting. Some of my favorite ways to have people test the EnviroCloth when they first receive it are on things like cooking grease and hair spray. Really, try it! Go make some bacon and clean up the grease splatters. Try cleaning an area where you use products that are sticky. Have small kids? Use it on their toothpaste spills in the bathroom. You will be amazed! Now think of what it would have taken to clean that with your traditional “all purpose” cleaner. Clean walls, toilets, light switches, doors, countertops, furniture and so much more!

Do I have to wash the EnviroCloth?

Yes, although the EnviroCloth is magic, it does still need to be washed. I suggest rinsing it in hot water between uses and then hang to dry. You want to make sure you let it dry fully between uses so you get the full effects of the BacLock. When it’s time to launder the EnviroCloth cloth, make sure you are using a biodegradable, filler free detergent (like Norwex UPP) and dry on a hot setting. NO FABRIC SOFTENER, NO BLEACH!

Have you used the EnviroCloth? What have you cleaned? To purchase the EnviroCloth or other Norwex products, visit my Norwex website.