October 2017 Norwex Host Rewards

This time of year is my favorite! The weather is beautiful, it’s starting to feel cozy with the fireplace going, the kids are back in school and best of all, it’s such a great party season! There is nothing better than getting together with a group of fun girls and sharing Norwex with all of them.

This months rewards are, once again, amazing and include some of the new Norwex products! The best part is, we have more new products coming out this month and your party could be the first place people get to see them! There are only a few party dates left on my Norwex party calendar for October 2017, so be sure to reach out to me today!


October 2017 Norwex Customer Specials


To shop for these Norwex Customer Specials and other Norwex products go to my Norwex Website. These Norwex specials will be up for the month of October 2017 but keep checking back because there are new specials every month!