Have you been invited to an Experience Norwex event in you area and wondered if you should attend? These events are tons of fun and I think everyone who has the opportunity to go, should! You will learn more about Norwex as a company, receive training from senior leaders, celebrate promotions, and have the chance to earn some free products!

What Is An Experience Norwex Event?

An Experience Norwex Event is a meeting put together by Norwex Corporate. These evening events are a way for Norwex to share the company vision, talk about the Norwex mission of reducing chemicals to create safe havens, and share the amazing opportunity that comes with having your own Norwex Business. Experience Norwex events also include some training from senior leaders and gives you a chance to connect with other Norwex consultants in your area.

Who Should Attend an Experience Norwex Event?

If you are already a Norwex Consultants, considering joining Norwex as a consultant, or if you just want to learn more about Norwex as a company, these Experience Norwex events are for you!

As a Norwex consultant, these events are also a great place to bring anyone who is considering  joining your team. Not only will have the opportunity to learn more about this amazing company, they can also earn a $50 Norwex Shopping Spree just for signing up at the event! 

What Can I Expect From An Experience Norwex Event?

Experience Norwex events are always a lot of fun! They start with a “corporate meeting” explaining Norwex, the mission of the company, and the benefits of the Norwex opportunity. Then, there is training from senior leadership that typically focuses on hostess coaching, party bookings, and getting your business off too a strong start. We also celebrate recent promotions and throughout the night Norwex gives out free products!

At the most recent Experience Norwex event we had here in North Carolina, I had the opportunity to share training on the Norwex “Favorite Things” parties I do during the holiday season. A few senior leaders joined me during this mini party and as you can see in the video below, we had a great time!

At the recent Experience Norwex event here in North Carolina, I was also able to celebrate one of my team members, Erin Hicks, who promoted to a Red Jacket leader! I love recognizing my team as they promote to leadership and having the opportunity to honor them at the Experience Norwex events is always special.

Of course, it wouldn’t feel like a true Norwex event without the company showing their generosity! Currently, Norwex consultants who attend an event get to go home with an exclusive Experience Norwex optic scarf.  At the recent event here in North Carolina, Norwex also gave guests a free window cloth just for attending!

As you can see, there are a lot of great reasons to attend an Experience Norwex event! If you are already a Norwex consultant you can find out more about events in your area through your Norwex back office. If you are not a current Norwex consultant but would like to learn more, feel free to reach out to me and I will help you find an Experience Norwex event near you!