When I moved to North Carolina and started doing parties not many people had heard of Norwex. I knew I was going to have to do hard things and really push through and educate guests on Norwex and the best products to start with. The Safe Haven Package quickly became known as the Norwex Starter Package because it has everything you need to get a little bit of Norwex in each room of your home. Have you been thinking about buying Norwex but don’t know where to start? This quick video is a great overview of everything you will receive in the Safe Haven, Starter Package, in less than 8 minutes.

Since my team has started presenting this Starter Package at our in home parties, it has changed the amount of safe havens we have reached drastically. Want to help in the Norwex Mission to reduce chemicals in our homes? Press play and share this Norwex Safe Haven, Starter Package video with your friends.

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