Can You Really Make Money in Direct SalesIf you have been considering working from home, you have probably looked into all of the different types of random jobs out there. With today’s economy, many women help supplement or be a main provider for the families income. One of the most successful business models is the home party plan.

In the 80’s and 90’s when you thought of home parties, your mind instantly went to Tupperware. Tupperware was not the first company in the home party market, but they made it fun and exciting and their brand spread quickly. So quickly in fact, most people now call all of the plastic storage containers in their cabinets by this name.

So, why does direct selling work? Direct sales work because it uses one of the best forms of marketing to help the consultant build their business, Word Of Mouth. When most people are going to make a purchase, they heavily base their purchase decision on what their friends have told them about the product. If a friend asks you to attend a party in their home, you are probably going to be curios as to why they like this product so much that she wants to share it with you. The direct sales industry uses this to their advantage and will reward you for hosting a party to share these products with all of your friends as well.

Most people are wondering if they are really going to make money in the direct sales industry. The answer is yes! This is not a pyramid scheme or a get rich quick type of scheme. You are selling. You start by telling your friends and family about these amazing products you have found and use word of mouth to build your business from there.

You may also be wondering why people would buy a product from you when they can buy something similar elsewhere? In our digital world where so much is accessible from so many types of places, people need direct sales more than ever. As we as a society get busier and busier, the consultant value goes up. People want to be entertained, they want a personal connection to something, and mostly they want you to help them solve a problem. If you look on social media, you will notice people still ask their friends questions even though they could type the same question into Google and find an answer. As a consultant, you provide a level of service a website can’t.

So, how do you make money in direct sales? Find something you’re passionate about. If you find a company you love with products you are excited to share, you will go far in the direct sales world. You also have to push yourself. You will have good days and bad. Finding someone to mentor and coach you to help you build your business is key to success!