I just got back from an amazing trip that Norwex invited me, as a Norwex Senior Vice President Sales Leader, to go and celebrate the grand opening of our new factory in China. This experience was so different from the first time I went and I’ve been wanting to share!


Why Is Norwex Made In China?

A lot of people ask why Norwex is made in China. First, Norwex is a global company. It is not an American company. We have products made and manufactured all over the world. We also have locations all over the world. When I think about the products I want to sell to my customers, I want to know that what we are selling is the best. That is really important to Norwex and I love that! It’s what sets us apart. China is the world leader in textile manufacturing, so, when thinking about where to manufacture our microfiber, Norwex went to the best of the best!


About The New Norwex Facility and Working Conditions

Norwex owns our factory in China so the company can control the care of the facility and how they want to run things. This factory is so well taken care of – it is super clean, has big bright windows, it’s open and airy and the warmth and kindness of everyone there is amazing. The machinery and equipment is top of the line. The new Norwex factory also houses an area for research and development where there is a phenomenal team innovating and creating new products for us to bring to our customers. Another amazing thing to see was just how well Norwex takes care of the employees. They have purified water for the entire factory, dormitories where employees can stay and a beautiful lunch room where they provide lunch for the employees every day. It is a great feeling to know that we are taking very good care of our employees!

Another really interesting thing that Norwex did when building the facility was add a big beautiful wall behind the factory because there is a river flowing behind it. Their is a belief about money flowing out into the river so they built this big wall to keep the money from flowing out.

Best Part Of The Trip To China

There were a couple things during this trip that really stand out as the best. The ceremony was just unbelievable! The pomp and circumstance, the flowers and the dancing were so amazing and they made us feel so welcome. Another thing that was really special was just connecting to the leadership of the company and seeing the integrity. See how they are wanting to make a change in the world was inspiring and made me feel grateful that I am part of this company.


Bonding With Other Norwex Leaders

Getting to connect with the other top Norwex leaders and getting to know them better was such a special part of this trip to China. Every time we get to do a trip like this I am amazed by how truly connected we really are. You would think it would be natural that we all have different teams and different issues that we are all working through, but when we get together we just laugh because we realize we’re all so alike in our mission and passion to help others grow into leadership. We all just desire for others to have the same expierence that we have had moving up. There is no competitiveness, it is really just how can I give you ideas and support you. They really are an amazing group of women!


Want to see more on my trip to China for the opening of the new Norwex facility? Watch the video below!