The 2016 holiday season is quickly approaching and it isn’t always easy to find the perfect gift for that special someone in your life. Here are some fun and easy Norwex gift ideas to help you give the gift of health, money and time this 2016 holiday season.

Healthy Holidays:


The “Healthy Holidays” Norwex gift is perfect for the foodies and chefs in your life this 2016 holiday season . This gift includes the Norwex Cutting Board, Norwex Produce Wash and the Norwex Veggie and Fruit Scrub cloth. Put it all together and add a pretty bow to give it that extra special touch.

Christmas Cleanup:


No one likes to spend more time cleaning up in the kitchen than absolutely necessary. This “Christmas Cleanup” gift is perfect for anyone who would like to be spending more time with their family and less time doing dishes during this 2016 holiday season. To make cleanup a breeze, gift the Norwex Bottle Brush, The Norwex Kitchen Towel and Cloth Set, along with the Norwex Dishwashing Liquid. You can wrap it up in one of the Norwex Produce Bags, or grab the Norwex Dish Cloth, wrap it and add a bow.

Christmas Candy:


The “Christmas Candy” gift is sure to be a sweet treat for everyone in your life this holiday season. Not only does this gift look cute, it is actually really useful as well. This 2016 holiday gift idea includes the Norwex Dish Cloth, the Norwex Cleaning Paste, and the Norwex EnviroCloth. Wrap it up to look like candy, add two ribbons and you will have the most wanted gift at any holiday party! (Want to switch it up a bit? Use the Norwex Window Cloth instead of the Norwex Cleaning Paste for a different look.)

Pamper Package:


If there is someone in your life that you want to pamper this holiday season, the “Pamper Package” is the perfect present. This Norwex gift idea includes the Norwex Hair Turban, the Norwex Make Removal Cloth Set and the mediterranean Moisture Face and Neck Gel. Put this all in the Norwex Produce Bag and add some ribbon for a pretty present.

Tree On A Tray:


During the holiday season, one thing there is no shortage of is parties. If you want to bring the host something different than the typical gift of wine, the Norwex “Tree On A Tray” gift will be loved by all. Grab a Norwex Kitchen Cloth Trio with your next order to have on hand this 2016 holiday season. Add the Norwex Kitchen Cloths  to a decorative tray and complete with some fun decor. This hostess gift is sure to be the talk of the party!

These fun and easy Norwex holiday gift ideas are perfect for that special someone, as extras to keep on hand for that last minute party or to use at your next white elephant event this 2016 holiday season!

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