TeamAquaMVP Feb 2016

Welcome to Team Aqua’s monthly MVP series. Each month we will be highlighting a wonderful consultant on our team.

Our First MVP is Heather Ragland. She is a mom of two girls who made her dream of become a stay at home mom come true by believing in this business. Here is Heather’s story:

In November 2014 I was the girl who was invited to a “cleaning party” and who didn’t care about removing chemicals from her home. What a difference a year can make! From the time I began using the “Life Changing Gift” sample cloths my life really DID change and I set out on an incredible journey.  Initially, I was very unsure of what this business could mean for my family and me. But I’ve learned to dream big dreams and not put limitations on myself because the sky truly is the limit with Norwex! I have chosen to work this business full time  (approximately 20-25 hours per week). As a result, I’m now able to be a stay-at-home mom, something I have prayed for since having our first child six years ago. And I’m still able to contribute significantly to our household income. So now I get to be lunch parent, and chaperone field trips and pick our girls up from school. The importance of this time spent with my children cannot be put into words! This business has been such an incredible blessing for our family and I’m so proud to be a part of such a powerful movement, a movement that is changing the lives of others–one cloth, one party at a time!

Congrats Heather on being our first MVP! We love seeing you succeed and shine.