Jill is back at it making messes instead of working. Today when Jill tried to make lunch, she over boiled water on the flattop stove (something that’s happened to all of us a time or two). Luckily for Jill, her boss knows the best way to clean a mess!

How to Clean your Stovetop in under 10 minutes:

Step 1: Go enjoy your food. You may as well while it’s hot! You can’t clean until your stovetops cooled down.

Step 2: Use your Norwex Kitchen Cloth to get all of the gross grime off of the stovetop.

Step 3: Get your out your cleaning paste and Spirisponge and get to work scrubbing off the rest of the burnt mess.

Step 4: Use your polishing cloth to make it shines.

Step 5: Sit down, relax and enjoy the other 15 minutes you would have spent figuring out how to clean the stovetop before Kris came along.