Knowing Your Buts To Make Your Dreams Happen

Do You Know Your Buts?


During our Norwex, Team Aqua Spring Retreat we had a great talk about “knowing your BUTS” and how to move past them. This was an amazing time for our team to come together and think about the BUTS that are stopping them from making their dreams come true!

When we decide to take on any new opportunity or change, we can face a lot of “BUTS”. If we sit on our BUTS  instead of getting up and moving them, chances are, we’re not going to go anywhere. It’s time to take control of your buts so you have the strength to stand up and run after your dreams.  Are you guilty of sitting on your BUT? Here are some examples of BUTS that will take over you life and make it hard to get up and achieve what you want in life.

  1. “But I Don’t Have The…” – This is the excuse BUT. But I don’t have the money, But I don’t have the education, But I don’t have the ability to do sales, But I don’t have the time. If we let excuses take over, we will never be successful and get past the buts.
  2. “But I’m Not…” – The head BUT. These are the BUTs that are in your head space. If you are finishing this sentence with things like: not smart enough, not educated enough, not successful enough, not rich enough, not skinny enough, not pretty enough, etc, then you need to do a check of your headspace and what you are telling yourself. You don’t have to be perfect to be successful and you certainly don’t have to fit into any specific category. One of the best things about directs sales is that, if you have the will and the drive, you can be successful. You are going to meet people from all different walks of life and as long as you are being truthful about your intentions, people are going to relate to you.
  3. “But I can’t” – This is the Fears BUT. When our BUTs are fear driven and that little voice inside your head goes off saying, but what if I fail, but what if I can’t hit my goals, but what if I let them down, but what if I don’t know what I’m doing, etc, we have to get up and take control! It’s ok to have fears, it’s not ok to let them control you.

Knowing your buts is half the battle and getting off your buts is not as hard as your mind tells you. Habit of letting your BUTs control you can be the hardest part to overcome. Knowing why you sit on your BUTs is the other half of getting up and moving on. Here are three typical reasons why people sit on their BUTs: :

Reason 1: They truly believe that their BUT is holding them back and they literally can’t move.

Reason 2: Getting off their BUT is too big of a risk and it’s easier to be unhappy and complacent than take a chance.

Reason 3: A mixture of 1 and 2- they truly believe their BUT will always hold them back and keeping things the same is easier and less scary than seeing what would happen if they tried to move past it.

The truth is, the more you sit on your BUTs the weaker you get. If you never move past these fears, excuses and insecurities, it will be harder to get up. As long as you are stuck on your but you will never be able to go after what you really want in life. So take this opportunity to look at your buts and decided if you’re going to sit on them or move past them and achieve what you really want.