August 2018 Norwex Host Rewards

Norwex is giving us another MOP MONTH for the August 2018 Host Rewards!

When you book a party with me, not only will you have the chance to earn a Norwex Mop for FREE, you will also be some of the first to introduce the amazing new Norwex products to all of your friends!!

If you would like to host a party or are interested in earning free Norwex products, reach out to me  and we will get your party on my books!



August 2018 Norwex Customer Specials


August 2018 Norwex Customer Special “Shower Yourself With Savings”: This Norwex product bundle includes the Norwex Shower Gel, the Norwex Back Scrubber, and the Norwex Makeup Removal Cloth Set.
Search for item#: CU1AUG to purchase this Norwex products Special.

August 2018 Norwex Customer Special “Clean Car Essentials”: There is nothing better than a clean car after all of the summer road trips! This customer special includes the Norwex Car Cloth, The Norwex Window Cloth in purple, and the Norwex EnviroCloth in green.
Search for item#: CU2AUG to purchase this Norwex products Special.

To shop for the August 2018 Norwex Customer Specials and to shop for other Norwex products visit my Norwex Website!

The August 2018 Norwex Specials will be on my Norwex Website starting on August 1 and will run through the end of the month. Norwex releases new specials each month so be sure to keep checking back for more savings!