5 Tips To Grow Your Direct Sales Business This Spring

Spring is the air and people are ready to get out of the house after a long winter. This is the perfect time to re-commit to your direct sales business and build up your customer base. Here are my top 5 tips to help you Spring Into Action and build your direct sales business.

Build Your Business Online: Pick one social media outlet this spring and learn everything you can about how to use it to grow your direct sales business. Start following new people or find new friends and make a genuine connection with them. As you grow your lists, people will start to reach out to you about your direct sales business.

Have A Spring Fling Party: If it’s been a while since your launch party it may be time to relaunch and reintroduce your business. Setup a party at your house, setup a party at a friends house, or work with a local business to introduce your products to their customers. This is a great way to show off new products and a great way to show products to people you have meet since you did your first event. Pass out catalogs, offer free gifts if they bring a friend, and have a special promotion just for this special event. Any extras you can give to get more people in the door.

Highlight The Season: Do you have products that are perfect for spring?  Use an app to create eye catching photos to highlight them on your social pages. Make sure to add your watermark and encourage people to share! What type of photos should you share? Think about things like before and after photos, examples of how to use the product and examples of unique ways to use the products.

Retell Your Why: People connect to others when they can hear what is in their heart. Use this time to reevaluate your why and share it with your friends and family. It’s ok if your why is different now than it was when you first started. Here are some questions to touch on: Why do you love the products? Why do you work in direct sales instead of a “traditional” job? Why did you choose this company? Why are you sharing this opportunity with others? How has this business changed your life?

Present At Local Events: Local outdoor events are one of the best ways to grow your direct sales business and are very popular during this time of year. Apply to be a vendor at a few local events and expand outside of your current customer base. Use these events to introduce new people to your products, gain new customers, and most importantly if you are in a party plan direct sales business, book new parties.  Click here to see more on how to use local events to Boost Direct Sales Business.

There are so many ways to grow your direct sales business both online and around your town. Comment below and tell me how you are planning to grow this spring.