IMG_1674I am a person that needs sun! It gives me energy for a great day. Typically, when it’s a rainy cloudy day, I have to work on my attitude and make sure I’m telling myself to stay productive and cheery; even though it is rainy and grey. A day without sun naturally makes me feel sad.

Well, at the beach, all attitude rules go out the door! This place is magic in so many ways and rainy days is one of them. I can have TONS of Norwex/family work to get done and my attitude is still HAPPY!! I get a lot of my best business team-building ideas here at the beach.

I have learned in my job, working from home with Norwex, that the energy I surround myself with is critical to my performance.  When Norwex afforded my family the ability to buy this beach house, I had no idea how many blessings would come for me and my team all over the USA; from Texas to Florida to Minnesota to North Carolina and beyond!!

If you have any questions for me about how you can find a job that affords you the ability to purchase a place in your life that brings joy, contact me here.