934099_10100113509203970_34280078203446604_nI had the opportunity to head to the Norwex Leader Conference this past weekend in Dallas, TX and spent time with my team from all over the United States. I can’t believe how much our team has grown. I met team members from Texas, Florida, Alaska, North Carolina, California and about every other state I think!  I have received many awards while working as an independent consultant with Norwex, but the one I received at leadership is the one I am most proud of. I was awarded the #1 Leader Building Award, which means I promoted the most Team Coordinators last year. I love many aspects of my job, but there is nothing I love more than helping others grow into leadership and see gifts in themselves they never knew were there! I realize that I am truly living a dream sharing a way to live reducing chemicals in people’s homes, working with flexibility from home and meeting the most amazing women. If you would like to learn more about how to join me in the amazing mission to make our world better, click here.941_10207717898453021_687439273933879657_n