Norwex October 2016 Host Rewards Updated on 10/3

Norwex’s has decided to start the giving early this year. They just released an updated host rewards flyer with new host dollar percentages for the month of October 2016!

October Rewards Updated

In October as a Norwex Host, you are going to earn up to 25% more Host Dollars!

Here are the changes: if you have any sales up to $249.99 you now receive 10% of guest sales instead of 8%. If you have sales between $250 and $749.99, you will receive 12% of guest sales instead of 10%. If you have sales of $750 and up you will receive 15% instead of 12% of guest sales. Don’t forget, this is on top of all the other rewards you are going to receive for hosting your Norwex party.

If you have been considering hosting a Norwex party, contact me today to book your in home party or Facebook party. Click here to see the October Customer Specials.