Norwex New Consultant Sign Up – Free September 2016

Have you been wanting to try some of the amazing Norwex products you’ve been hearing about? Have you been looking into the opportunity to share Norwex with your friends and family? Your chance to join Norwex as a consultant “risk free” is back! 

Everyone loves options, right? Well in the month of September 2016, Norwex is giving you two ways to join the Norwex business opportunity.

Try It Share It Norwex opportunity

The first option is the “Try It, Share It!” opportunity. This Norwex starter kit is valued at $74.45 and gives you the ability to buy Norwex products at the 35% off, discounted consultant pricing. It is also a way for you to take advantage of the best gift I can give you, the Norwex business. You will receive the same benefits as a typical consultant without having to meet the $2,000 sales goal. This years Norwex “Try It, Share It” kit is new and the best “no risk opportunity”  I have seen! 

Norwex New Consultant Signup

Norwex Opportunity option number two for the month of September 2016 is for those of you who know you really want to work the Norwex business as a consultant. This Norwex starter kit is our traditional consultant kit (the one that includes the Superior Mop System) with some extra items! In September 2016, Norwex is adding the Kids Pet To Dry Pink Pig and the Norwex Lint Mitt as a bonus on this already amazing package.

Can’t decide which Norwex Opportunity is right for you? Here is a great chart showing what you get in each consultant kit: 

Norwex New Consultant Signup Free September 2016 Options

*Both Options are Free upfront with a $9.99 shipping and handling fee.

Upgrade Options for Norwex New Consultant Signup – September 2016  

Norwex has also added in a great upgrade package for September 2016 (available with either kit option) that includes a free $25 shopping spree when you upgrade!

September 2016 Upgrade Package Offer

With this Norwex Consultant starter kit upgrade, you will have everything you need to do a full “Norwex Starter Package” demonstration at your launch party. It also includes some of my favorite add-ons! If you want this kit, just add it on when you signup!

Ready to try Norwex and share it with your friends and family? Click here to join Team Aqua today!  Want to discuss the options and have me help you decide which Norwex Starter Kit is right for you? Contact me directly at (919)413-1035 or email me at Part time, full time, or big time, I am here to help you change lives with the amazing Norwex opportunity!