It’s no lie to say that the last few months have been challenging, stressful, and filled with uncertainty.

We could all use some distraction and some good old-fashioned Spring Cleaning. That is why I bring to you the Quarantine Cleaning Challenge.

It’s my way of doing something fun for my hostesses and customers, while also getting some of that pesky Spring Cleaning done! 

Do you want in?! Here’s how to participate:

Join my VIP group, The Ecochicks VIP Lounge, where I share lifestyle topics including recipes, tips, fun crafty things, cleaning hacks, and of course, all things Norwex!

The Quarantine Cleaning Challenge will last the entirety of May and will be broken down into 4 weeks of challenges that will take place Monday through Friday.

We’ll be celebrating all of you who are participating all month long. Believe me, you WON’T want to miss this!

So exciting! Are you ready for the challenge?

Let’s break it down:

Week 1 (May 4th-8th)

Monday: Wipe down your kitchen! 

Tuesday: Clean the inside of your car!

Wednesday: Organize your living room! 

Thursday: Clean your fridge inside and out- your leftovers aren’t edible anymore!

Friday: Clean your baseboards!

Week 2 (May 11th-15th)

Monday: Clean AT LEAST 5 windows! Start by wiping with a damp Envirocloth and finish with a dry Window Cloth for a streak-free shine.

Tuesday: Clean your bathroom!

Wednesday: Clean your oven! The Oven Cleaner and Cleaning Paste will help you to clean and polish all of your oven grime.

Thursday: Clean your bedroom! I know you’ve got dirty laundry on your floor!

Friday: Find and clean those carpet stains!

Week 3 (May 18th-22nd)

Monday: Wash those sheets! It’s Mattress Cleaner time!

Tuesday: Clean out 1 (or all) of your closets!

Wednesday: Wash out your trash cans!

Thursday: Grab your Envirowand and dust those ceiling fans and light fixtures! 

Friday: Wipe down your kitchen/dining chairs!

Week 3 (May 25th-29th)

Monday: Clean and organize toys! 

Tuesday: Clean your entry mats and rugs! The rubber brush is GREAT for getting those pesky pet hairs.

Wednesday: It’s a spa day for your Norwex- Deep clean your cloths!

Thursday: Wipe down all light-switches! 

Friday: Mop your floors using the Superior Mop System!

Now have a dance party to celebrate! You just completed the Quarantine Cleaning Challenge and tackled some overdue Spring Cleaning.

Remember to join my VIP group, The Ecochicks VIP Lounge, prior to the start of the challenge. I’d love for you to post pictures in the group of you participating!

I’m so excited to get going on this challenge. I’ll see you on day 1. In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding the Quarantine Cleaning Challenge, please reach out!